From the start, we treat you like family. Our services are based on a holistic approach to your health care needs.
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Riverview, Florida 33578
Phone: (813) 443-0528
Call Felix: (813) 401-0069
Fax: (888) 679-8810
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License #: HHA 299993775

We offer HEALTH, DENTAL, VISION, DISABILITY Insurance benefits and discounted tickets with our Holidays/Events partners and you may wish to participate in the company’s 401K plan for full time and after probation period.

We know how valuable our people are. They provide direct care to our clients. Because they are the working hands of our organization, we make sure that they are sufficiently compensated and motivated for their service as professionals at Gold Team Home Health Agency.

When you work with us, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Work Hours that can be flexible. Depending on client demand and scheduling, employees can be assigned on a daily, weekly or intermittent basis.

  • Personalized Care pertains to the provision of one-on-one care. This allows for a client-caregiver relationship to blossom and promote faster recovery or better health at home.

  • Training programs are given to new hires. We conduct formal trainings as well as skills assessment. We measure your strengths – to build your specialty in caregiving, therapy or nursing. On the other hand, we evaluate you for any points of improvement which will be the basis for regular training, coaching and further education until you gain mastery.

To apply at Gold Team Home Health Agency, please fill out the form on our Employment Opportunities Page.


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