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Payment Options

Gold Team Home Health Agency accepts payments through the following methods:

Long-Term Care Insurance
You may be currently covered by your insurance provider for Long-term care. To find out, you can call your insurance provider or review your copy of the insurance policy. You can also visit our office to ask for assistance.

Payments through Medicare and Medicaid are accepted at Gold Team Home Health Agency. We do, however, require that the patient/client fits the criteria for qualifications of Medicaid and Medicare.

Commercial Insurance and/or Third-Party Sponsors
We are affiliated with several private insurance providers who include payment for our services in the policies they grant to clients/patients. We also accept payment sources through a third-party payor or by a relative of the patient.

Workers' Compensation
If the patient is hospitalized or home-bound due to an accident in a work setting, Gold Team Home Health Agency accepts payment through Worker's Compensation. We have therapy services that aim to restore your strength, re-train your body with self-care skills and work skills – ultimately conditioning you to get back to earning a living.

Veterans Aid
If you are covered by a healthcare plan sponsored by the Veterans Administration, you can be treated with home health care services in your residence by Gold Team Home Health Agency. We also honor payment through Veterans Aid for surviving spouses of those who once served our nation.

Private Pay
Private Pay or Self-Pay is accepted at Gold Team Home Health Agency. You can opt for out-of-pocket payments to cover for your health care services with us.

We ensure that your health care needs are as properly covered as your insurance or healthcare plan does. To inquire if your type of insurance coverage is accepted at Gold Team Home Health Agency, please contact our office. Our staff will be happy to provide a payment-method consultation, helping you figure out a way to cost-effectively finance your healthcare requirements.

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